1970 Vintage USMC ERDL Camo Tropical Combat Coat Jungle Jacket - Medium

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Original US Military issue 

ERDL camouflage was developed in 1949, but was not used until 1966. Known as 'Brown Dominant' or 'Highland', this is the 2nd type of the pattern which was designed for mountainous, rocky or muddy regions. It is slightly rarer in comparison to the more common green-dominant variant.

Includes original USMC stamp and EGA. ERDL uniforms were worn by the USMC and some Army units well into the 1970s and the USMC stamps did not appear until post-Vietnam. This jacket may have been worn during Vietnam and re-issued post-war. 

100% cotton

Overall good condition with some signs of wear - All buttons, fittings and fixtures are present and working. The contract label is present and legible. This jacket has been worn a lot and shows visible wear representative of its age and use. It is quite faded which offers a beautiful vintage look. The collar has been repaired in-house and there is some fraying around the cuffs and waist hem. 

Flat garment measurements in inches:
Chest: 44" 
Length: 34" 
Arm: 24"