60s Vintage L2-B Flight Jacket - Large

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Original US Military issue

Circa. 1960s 

An all-time classic bomber, the MA-1 and its counterpart, the L-2B have served the US Military since the late 1950s. Used throughout the Vietnam War by both US Air Force and Army pilots. It has been reproduced countless times and has been integrated into numerous fashion movements throughout its introduction. The L-2B jacket is the lightweight alternative to its slightly older brother and would be better suited as a winter layering piece or as a spring/autumn warmer.

Excellent condition with very minor wear - All zips, fittings and fixtures are present and working. The contract label is missing. The knits are in very good condition with no damage. Ther is a light stain on the back of the right shoulder as shown.

Flat garment measurements (inches):
Chest: 46" (23" P2P)
Length: 25"
Arm: 27"

Shoulder: 20"

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