70s Vintage US Navy A-1 Impermeable Deck Jacket - X-Large

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Genuine US Military issue

Dated 1970

A beautiful example of a seldom-seen jacket with a rugged and hard-wearing design. The A-1 is the impermeable counterpart to the iconic permeable A-2 deck jacket and is made for the cold and wet weather that sailors would endure out on the ocean. It features a treated water-resistant nylon shell that is lined with 100% waterproof rubberised material. The jacket is lined on the inside with the same nylon pile as the A-2 which is soft enough to wear against bare skin and offers an additional layer of warmth. It also includes a Scovill brand zip front closure covered with a snap-fastener-secured flap to improve weather resistance. There is a concealed knitted cuff on either arm, waist tabs to tighten the jacket around the waist and two large mid-height pockets. Overall, an ideal heavy-duty jacket for winter months that will withstand the roughest wear and harshest weather.

This particular example retains an original stencil on the back that refers to the ship this jacket was worn on during its service. 'CITRUS 34' likely refers to the USS Oriskany (CV-34), and information on her history can be found with a quick internet search. CV-34 was an Essex-class aircraft carrier that served during the Vietnam War.

In excellent condition with some minor signs of wear - The contract label is present and legible. All buttons, zips, fittings and fixtures are present and working. There is some staining around the collar, but this is almost entirely noticeable when worn. The knitted cuffs have some minor damage which is to be expected, but this does not impede their comfort or function.

Labelled size large, but will fit a UK x-large.

Flat garment measurements in inches:
Chest: 50"
Length: 28
Arm: 22"
Shoulder: 25"