Rare 1970s Vintage Canadian Army Airborne Regiment DPM Para Smock - Medium

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A rare Canadian Army para smock in DPM camouflage.

The Canadian Army is a small fighting force consisting of only around 23,000 active personnel. Their Airborne Regiment is tiny in comparison to other major powers and is formed of approximately 600 members, making anything related to the regiment quite rare. This smock was only worn through the late 70s into the 1980s and is one of few camouflage garments that the Canadian Armed Forces have used since WW2. A rather unique item that would feature perfectly in any camouflage or Canadian Armed Forces collection.

In overall very good condition with some signs of wear. The zip has been repaired and replaced with a Scovill brand pull. All other buttons, snaps, fittings and fixtures are present and working. The contract and size labels are present and legible. The diaper flap has been removed.

Flat garment measurements in inches:
Chest: 46"
Length: 32
Arm: 24"