Original 1960s Vietnam Era AD-17 USS Piedmont Japanese-Made Patch

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Original Vietnam War era patch made in Japan circa. 1960s

Japan was a popular R&R destination for US Military personnel serving in Vietnam. A number of well-known and documented patch shops provided insignia for US servicemen who wore them in-country when they returned to theatre. 

The USS Piedmont was a 'Dixie-Class' Destroyer-Tender commissioned during WW2. Her task was to service destroyers in, or near, battle areas and to keep them fit for duty. The Piedmont served throughout the war between 1961-1974. Three months of the latter tour were spent at Subic Bay servicing destroyers and other 7th Fleet ships serving in the Tonkin Gulf and off the Vietnam coastline. 

This patch is full colour, fully embroidered with a cut edge and a white cloth backing.

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