Sizing Guide

Please bear in mind that, with the exception of some dress uniforms, most military clothing is oversized. Military size labels rarely represent modern civilian sizing and, over time, with washing and wear, some garments can become slightly misshapen.

For easier browsing, we title products with sizes which translate to a more familiar standard. The size chart below shows how we title shirts, jackets, etc based on their chest measurements. For example, a jacket labelled size small with a 42" chest will be titled 'Medium'.

Trousers are titled with the waist and inside leg measurement. However, please also note that military trousers (older styles in particular) will often have a tall rise. The 'outseam' or 'outside-leg' measurement offers the total length of the trouser which you can compare against a measurement taken from your hip (or waist, depending on your preferred fit) to your ankle.

To ensure a correct fit, it is crucial that you take your own measurements and compare them against the measurements that are provided at the bottom of every description.

All of our products are measured exactly to the inch, so please take this into consideration if you prefer a particular fit.

Jackets, Shirts and Tops