1969 Vietnam War XM28E4 Riot Control Agent Gas Mask - Medium

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A beautiful 1969 dated example of the XM28 gas mask

Overall excellent condition with minor wear as seen. All fittings and parts are present. Sold as a collectable display item and will not provide any kind of protection against chemical agents.

The XM28 was developed and began initial trials in 1966 following a request from the 1st Infantry Division and the 1st Cavalry Division for a compact and lightweight alternative to the general issue M17 gas mask. In the subsequent two years, the XM28 saw four alterations to the design, hence the 'E4' designation until 1968 when the final iteration was completed and full-scale production commenced.

Nicknamed the 'Grasshopper' for its unusual appearance, the XM28 gained favour by pilots, LRRPs, Tunnel Rats and SOG teams due to its extremely lightweight and compact design. The mask can completely fold in on its self which allows it to just barely fit into its waterproof pouch. The pouch features belt keeper clips on the rear to attach it to various equipment but was frequently worn under the shoulder on the suspenders/harness.

While ideal as a lightweight substitute, the XM28 was never intended to fully replace the general service M17. It was only designed to protect the user against riot control agents such as CS gas which was pumped into NVA tunnels preceding a 'Tunnel Rat' clearing. Unlike the M17, the XM28 was not capable of defence against greater threats such as nerve agents, nuclear, or radioactive substances.