1972-1974 Vietnam War US Army Plastic Canteen, Cup & M1956 Cover Set

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A 1974 dated canteen with an M-1956 cover

Used throughout Vietnam, the cover is a 2nd pattern M1967 with a synthetic fur lining and metal snaps. These covers saw limited use in Vietnam due to the mass withdrawal of US troops in 1972. However, ARVN units continued to issue US-made old stock until the end of the war, as well as some new equipment that made its way into the hands of indigenous troops before 1975. Note the metal snaps, seen in the last photo, an ARVN paratrooper wears a 2nd pattern M-67 canteen cover on his webbing belt - 30 April 1975. 

These covers are seldom seen and are often overlooked by collectors.

The canteen is a plastic 1 qt. with a post-war black NBC cap. The cup is undated.

In overall excellent condition with some wear as seen. All fittings and fixtures are present and working.