40s Vintage Winter Tanker Coveralls - Medium

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Genuine military issue

Introduced in 1943, British-made tank suits were used in colder weather, mainly in the European theatre during the latter stages of WW2. Production of these suits continued post-war until the 1960s and the design remained consistent throughout its service life. Commonly referred to as ‘Zoot Suits’, or ‘Pixie Suits’.

What is quite unusual about this suit is that it is entirely sterile with no signs of missing labels or stamps, and none of the hardware is marked either. Additionally, the colour of the suit is inconsistent with other suits I have encountered which are khaki rather than an OD green such as this one. It is difficult to tell whether this suit was manufactured with this colour or has been overdyed at some point. The straps on the collar and the throat placket also have a slightly different design from other suits I've seen in that the straps are secured with press studs rather than a buckle and the throat placket only has one button instead of three.

While there is a great likeness to British-made suits that we've encountered, the anomalous features may indicate this was made elsewhere. Belgium copied the design for their own tank crews, but again, there are numerous inconsistencies with other Belgian suits we've seen as well. Canada and Australia also copied the design, so we speculate that his example may come from a commonwealth country.

The shell is made with heavyweight cotton and the suit is fully lined with wool pile. These suits are covered in pockets, adjustment options, and other funky features. They also have a rather unique closure method consisting of two full-length zips that extend the entire length of the suit, down either leg.

In very good condition with real wear and tonnes of character - All buttons, fittings, and fixtures are present and working. Some light discolouration as seen.

Flat garment measurements (inches):
Chest: 46"
Waist: 42"
Leg: 27"
Arm: 20"
Length: 56"

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