40s WW2 Vintage US Army HBT Jacket - Large

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Genuine military issue

A very lovely second pattern HBT jacket from the late World War 2 era. These jackets were worn by US troops from 1943 until the end of WW2 and all the way throughout the Korean War. 

There were three specifications of the 2nd pattern, 45B, 45C, and 45D, each with various design nuances. They were produced in colours OD-8 and later, OD-7, but each exhibited a spectrum of hues depending on the manufacturer - some appearing more greenish and others more brownish. This example is a 45D with a gas flap, non-pleated pockets, and brown plastic buttons.

Made from a fantastic, high-quality, soft selvedge cotton herringbone twill fabric with two chest massive pockets for about as many personal effects as you'll ever need.

The shadowing from removed patches indicates that this jacket was likely worn post-war by a 4th Infantry Division veteran. It is beautifully faded with lovely patina showing real wear.

Excellent condition with some signs of wear - All buttons, fittings and fixtures are present. The contract label is present but faded. Some discolouration as seen.

Flat garment measurements in inches:
Chest: 48" (24" P2P)
Length: 30
Arm: 24"
Shoulder: 20"

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