50s Vintage RCAF Anti-G G4B Flight Suit - Small

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Genuine Royal Canadian Air Force issue

Dated 1955

An absolutely incredible flight suit from the very early years of jet aircraft development. This suit has a striking resemblance to the USAF G-4A & G-4B suits (and in fact appears to be made to very similar specifications) that were used in the production of the first Alien movie. The character Ripley wears the USAF suit which features a corset-like fixture on the rear (which the RCAF suit lacks). An incredible piece of aviation history and a very cool pop-culture icon.

The suit is made from a fire-retardant nylon fabric and features numerous zipped pockets, button adjustable cuffs and a full zip front closure.

New, old stock in near-mint condition with no signs of wear. Recently laundered.

Labelled medium short, but will comfortably fit a UK small
Flat garment measurements (inches):
Chest: 46"
Waist: 42"
Leg: 30"
Arm: 24"
Length: 65"

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