90s Vintage Propper Tigerstripe Combat Coat - X-Large

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A stunning tigerstripe combat coat made by Propper. This is an example of an early run made by the brand in the 1990s. Made from 100% cotton, it has an absolutely beautiful fade with striking tones and subdued colours. These are very high quality with a pattern that is faithful to the original Vietnam-era types. 

Tigerstripe patterns have been used by Special Forces and NSW since the Vietnam War and continue to be worn by certain units into the present day. Tigerstripe uniforms were popular during the GWOT and Iraq War era with a plethora of unique patterns being utilised by a number of SF units. Propper (such as this) and Tru-Spec brands are manufacturers of TS uniforms known and documented to have been used during this era.

Made with a durable 100% cotton ripstop fabric.

Excellent condition with minor wear - All buttons, fittings and fixtures are present and working. Labels are present and legible. 

Labelled large long

Flat garment measurements in inches:
Chest: 50" (25" P2P)
Length: 32
Arm: 26"
Shoulder: 20"

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