Original 60s Vintage US Cut Late-War 'Dense' Midweight Tigerstripe Shirt - Medium

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Original, circa. 1960s

An all-time classic and quite ubiquitous tigerstripe pattern known to collectors as 'Late-War Dense' - printed on midweight cotton fabric. This shirt has seen some real wear and has faded beautifully with a subdued colourway. Made in an 'American' cut, these shirts were used prolifically by numerous 'Special' personnel such as LRRP teams, MACVSOG and Special Forces.

Overall very good condition with some signs of wear - All buttons, fittings, and fixtures are present and working. There is a repair on the bottom front as seen. There is some small sporadic damage on the front and arms as seen. There is a light paint stain on the front right as seen.

Flat garment measurements in inches:
Chest: 44" (18" P2P)
Length: 31
Arm: 24"
Shoulder: 19"

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