Rare 1982 Vintage Canadian RCMP ERT DPM Uniform Set

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A rare DPM camouflage uniform set made for RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) ERTs (Emergency Reponse Team). Dated 1982, this uniform predates SERT (Special Emergency Reponse Team) which was activated in 1986 and later became JTF2 (Joint Task Force 2), a Tier 1 Special Operations Force in 1992.

In 1962, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) recognized the need for a specialized unit capable of handling high-risk situations. Initially known as the Special Weapons Unit, its primary focus was responding to armed and barricaded persons.

Over the years, the unit expanded and evolved, and in 1977, it was officially designated as the Emergency Response Team. The ERT expanded its scope to include a wider range of tactical operations beyond just armed standoffs. Their responsibilities encompassed counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and various high-risk law enforcement operations.

ERTs operate nationally across Canada, supporting regular RCMP detachments in critical incidents. They undergo rigorous training, including marksmanship, tactical operations, and crisis negotiation. Similarly to other armed police forces, ERTs are equipped with specialized, military-grade equipment, uniforms and weaponry in order to appropriately respond to incidences within their scope of operations.

This uniform is made with the same material and has the same DPM camouflage print as the Canadian Airborne Regiment Para Smock as shown on our Instagram. These sets are believed to have been made in extremely limited numbers and were worn until the late 1990s.

The last image shows an ERT member wearing a similar DPM uniform set beneath a Jigsaw camouflage jacket during a training exercise or photoshoot in the 1990s

Flat garment measurements (inches):

Chest: 52" (21" P2P)
Length: 30"
Arm: 25"
Shoulder: 20"

Waist: 32"
Inside leg: 34" 
Outseam: 46"
Rise: 15"

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