US Military Vietnam War LRRP Food Ration Packet

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Original US Military issue

Circa. 1960s

First introduced in 1964, the Long Range Patrol (LRP) packet was widely popular among Army reconnaissance troops in Vietnam. Created by Natick Labs specifically for LRP / LRRP troops who found the standard C-Ration too cumbersome, these packets weighed only 11 ounces, which was approximately one-third of the weight of C-Rations. They were available in eight different menus and consisted of pre-cooked freeze-dried main meals in a reconstitution package, providing about 1,100 calories. Although meant to be hydrated, the meals could be eaten dry if needed. 

These particular examples are the earlier version used throughout the Vietnam War and are made of a reflective-lined treated fabric. Later versions are made of plastic.

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