Vietnam War 7x Chieu Hoi Magazine Bags

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Genuine US Military issue

Dated 1970

The price includes seven (7)x bags as shown. All are in mint condition.

An interesting piece of history, these bags were designed as part of the Chiêu Hồi program initiated by the SVN and US Governments to disperse propaganda to Viet-Cong and PAVN forces, encouraging defection.

These waterproofing bags were issued alongside the USGI seven-pocket 5.56x45mm 20-round magazine bandoleers for the M16. One bag facilitates one 20rd M16A1 magazine and is designed to be single-use and then discarded after ripping the bag along the seam to release the magazine. They were dropped wherever they were used in the hope the enemy would discover them and read the message on the front.

The Vietnamese text approximately translates to: "Open arms, we will help you meet your parents and children in the peaceful land of free and democratic Vietnam."