60s Vintage Identified 'Pelliccioni' OG-107 M65 Field Jacket - Medium

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Genuine US Military issue

Dated 1968 - A second pattern jacket with bellow cuffs, chrome zip, and epaulettes.

50/50 nylon/cotton blend wind-resistant sateen shell. Fully lined. 

This M65 was bought directly from the veteran who originally wore it. It is attributed to Larry Pelliccioni who served in Vietnam with the 1st Signal Brigade, and later, the 82nd Airborne Division. He served between 22nd October 1968- 25th November 1969. Below is a short message he sent us with some information about his career and time in-country:

"Initially I was assigned to the 1st Signal Brigade up North in Phu Bai as part of the 596th Signal Company. Within a short time, I was selected as our battalion "chaser." A chaser is one who escorts either on a pre or post-trial conviction of a US criminal to a brig or jail. It was a great job. I extended my time to go south and be a part of the 82nd Airborne where I finished up my tour involuntarily. President Nixon started a program called Vietnamization, basically giving our guns to the locals and letting them go after the enemy. He first pulled out the 9th Infantry and secondly, the 82nd Airborne. I did not know this at the time but my Mother wrote to Nixon after she learned I extended to try to get me out...she always took credit for that although I am sure that did not play a part in his decision. I took my R&R in Australia and still hear from the family I spent a day with. What stands out is that this family took many soldiers out for a day but she always remembered me as I was the youngest. I went to Vietnam 3 months after my 19th birthday. 05 Charlie was my MOS although it did not matter once you were over there."

A magnificent piece of history with real provenance.

Excellent condition with some minor signs of wear - All buttons, zips, fittings, and fixtures are present and working. The contract label is present and legible. There is some very light sporadic staining & discolouration as seen.

Flat garment measurements (inches):
Chest: 42" (21" P2P)
Length: 32"
Arm: 24"
Shoulder: 18"

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