60s Vintage US Navy 'AOE-1' Stencilled OG-107 M65 Field Jacket - Medium

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Genuine US Military issue

Dated 1968

A lovely salty M65 with tonnes of character. Features a rarely applied stencil on the back that pertains to the USS Sacramento (AOE-1). Commissioned in 1964, it was the lead ship of its class of fast combat support ships. During the Vietnam War, the Sacramento played a crucial role in supporting U.S. Navy operations during the Vietnam War, providing logistics support to the fleet, including fuel, ammunition, and stores replenishment. The Sacramento's speed and efficiency were vital in sustaining the naval presence in the region.

The jacket is made from a 50/50 nylon/cotton blend wind-resistant sateen shell. Fully lined.

In good condition with signs of real wear - All buttons, fittings, and fixtures are present and working. The contract label is present and legible. There is some sporadic staining/discolouration as seen. The cuffs have some minor damage as seen.

Flat garment measurements (inches):
Chest: 44" (22" P2P)
Length: 32"
Arm: 25"
Shoulder: 20"

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